Current post as Animation Lecturer in the BA(Hons) Animation, Wrexham Glyndwr University, UK.


2014: PhD in Visual Arts and Education, International Mention, University of Granada, Spain. (You can read my PhD “Creating audiovisual participatory narratives: a/r/tography and inclusivity” online)

2009: Masters in Art Education and Visual Arts, University of Granada.

2007: Degree in Fine Arts, University of Barcelona.

Complementary artistic Training

  • 2013-2014: Film-making and directing course (180 hours), NexoAv Film School, Granada, Spain.
  • 2009-2010: 2D animation course (380 hours), NexoAv Film School, Granada, Spain.

Academic Scholarships and Honors 

2009- 2013: FPU doctoral scholarship (University Teachers Training Program)

2007: Outstanding Academic Achievements in Fine Arts Bacherlor’s Degree (“Premio Extraordinario de licenciatura”)

2005-2006: Séneca National Exchange Program to study a year at the University of Barcelona.

 International research stay

Six months (March – August 2012) at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada hosted by Dr. Rita L. Irwin, Department of Curriculum studies/ Faculty of Education



Madrid Manrique, M. (2015). Inclusividad, interculturalidad y educación artística. Valladolid: Editorial La Calesa, 165 págs, ISBN: 987-84-8105-160-5, Depósito Legal: VA-350/2015.

Madrid Manrique, M., Madrid-Fernández, D. (2014). La formación inicial del profesorado para la educación bilingüe. Granada: Editorial Universidad de Granada, 208 págs.

Articles (selection)

Madrid-Manrique, M. (2014). Inclusivity and Aesth/ethics in Third Participatory A/r/tographic Spaces, Visual inquiry 3 (2), 149-166.

Madrid, M. (2012). Paradox in A/r/tography: Collective Short Animated Film-Making for Social Inclusion. Visual Arts Research 38(2), 58-68. University of Illinois Press.

Madrid, M. (2012). Sharing our life experiences through autobiographical graphic novels. Visual Arts Research 38(1), 99-107.

Conference papers at international conferences (selection)

Madrid-Manrique, M., Marín-Viadel, R., Siegesmund, R. “A/r/tography, Participatory Narratives, Inclusivity and Graphic Novel,” 3 International Arts-Based Research Conference, University of Porto, Portugal, 28-30 January 2015.

Madrid-Manrique, M.Comic-based educational research, 2 International Arts-Based Research Conference, University of Granada, Spain, 27-30 January 2014.


2014-1016: Assistant Coordinator, University of California Berkeley Summer Abroad Program

2014-1016: Assistant Director of the Critical Muslim Study School Program, Center of Study and investigation for Decolonial Dialogues.


2014-2016: UCEAP, Lecturer in the University of California Education Abroad Program, course Art, History and Culture in Granada.

2011-2013: University of Granada, Primary Teacher Training Degree, Bilingual group, Department of Art education.


2007-2013: Drawing and stop-motion animation workshop in the ADERES Association, Granada (Spain). Experience working with children and young people with learning differences.

2012: Intensive stop-motion workshop in the Eaglearts Arts Summer Camp, Vancouver Island, Canada.


Artistic grants and awards

2010: ÁCCESIT, Second Prize, National Young Artist’s Creation Festival (INJUVE 2010)

2007: Production grant Sala d’Art Jove

Solo exhibitions

  • 2010-2011: La Torre Infinita (*The infinite tower), Carmen de la Victoria, Granada (Spain), 15th December 2010- 21st January 2011, University of Granada.
  • 2009: Superficies Líquidas (*Liquid surfaces). Foundation Caja Rural, May -June 2009, Granada (Spain).

Collective exhibitions and festivals (selection)

  • INJUVE 2010”, (Sept 9th- Oct 17th 2010) Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, (Spain); (Jan-June 2011) Itinerary exhibition in AECID centers in Guatemala, Dominican Republic, and Honduras, promoted by the Youth Institute of the Spanish Government.
  • Arquetips”, Sala d’Art Jove, March – June 2007, Barcelona, (Spain).

Artwork in exhibition catalogues (selection)

Children’s illustrated books

Graphic Designer

  • 2010-2011: NexoAv, Granada (Spain).
  • Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesing, Adobe Premiere.


  • 2013: NexoAv, Granada (Spain).
  • Skills: 2D traditional animation, hand-drawing, layout, line tests, exposure sheet.